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We strive to make all our patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of. At the start of your consult, an ophthalmic assistant will perform a series of basic eye tests for the doctor. These tests, as well as your eye history and medical history will be reviewed by the doctor during your consultation.  The doctor will also thoroughly examine your eyes and may request any additional tests. Finally, the doctor will be able to explain any specific diagnosis and help you choose options for treatment.

If requested to do so, please fill out the New Patient Form and either email it to us before your visit or bring with you on the day of your consult.



Why do I have to wait to see the doctor? (1 to 2 hours)

Ophthalmology is unpredictable and a simple consult can end up being quite complex. This occasionally results in the clinic not running to schedule. Whilst our Doctors always endeavour to see everyone on time they cannot predict which cases are going to take longer to resolve.


Why are there times when there is a long delay?

At times we are asked to see an emergency patient and these are usually unexpected and complicated. We may also have a patients who may return for a routine review and find they have developed problems which require extra attention. We appreciate your patience when this occurs and want you to know that we will do our best to attend to your eye health with the same level of care when it is your turn.


Why do some of my tests need to be done on a separate day?

To ensure all patients are waiting as little time as possible we try to streamline the clinics to give everyone a reasonable assessment. Additional tests usually have to be scheduled for specific clinics to allow efficient running of the practice and to reduce waiting time for all patients.


Why do I pay the same fee for a 5 minute consult as another patient for a 40 minute consult?

Our doctors do not charge by time- they deal with the issue at hand. On occasions this may take longer than expected and on other occasions your eye problem might be straight forward and simply does not require a longer consult. The fee is not based on time – we charge the same whether your problem is complex or not.


What is my private fee covering?

The bulk of your fee covers the cost of updating and maintaining the high-tech ophthalmic equipment required to examine your eye thoroughly and perform diagnostic testing. We also require a significant body of staff to enable us to manage the practice professionally and to ensure we are complying with all appropriate safeguards and checks required in an approved practice.


Why did the doctor not give me a prescription for new glasses?

Our doctors deal primarily with medical issues of the eye requiring a physician's input. In general, we recommend you see your optometrist for an update of your glasses annually. Whilst we are also trained to perform these checks we do not dispense the glasses ourselves. If you would like us to perform a full refraction please book this in a separate appointment advising the staff of this at the time of booking.


What do I do if I think the fees are too high?

Please don’t hesitate to let the staff know your thoughts on this. We do regularly review our fees and align them with our overheads accordingly. We believe our fees to be a fair representation of costs entailed in running a high quality professional medical practice. You can provide feedback to the practice at any time via our website or by emailing


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